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Our Commitment...
> Truth
We will always tell you the straight story regarding Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft's Enterprise Project Management Software (EPM) system. The
Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Likely we won't tell you what Microsoft wants you to think and we may not tell you what you want to hear but we will always be straight with you.

In this business above-the-board honesty is not the most profitable policy but we will always tell you the truth even if it means losing your business.

> Your Success
Our goal is not to get you to buy more license from Microsoft and it isn't to put a billable body onsite. You can't blame Microsoft for wanting to move product or a technical firm wanting to make as much money as they can off what you don't know, but those interests are not necessarily correlated with you reaching your goals.

We want your success and friendship over the long haul more than just a strong fiscal year. We want to be in business years from now and we know that in the service business this is the right road to take. Your success will lead to our success later down the road.

We also believe that when you search for services like consulting and training you should shop for value and not price. One of the best ways we can provide value is to put all of our cards on the table. Tell you what we have really learned from our experiences with these products.

If you choose to deploy MS Project Server we want you to be as successful as you can given your budget and time constraints, the realistic functionality of the tools, and the maturity and commitment of your organization.

We want you to be able maximize the good in this EPM system and minimize the cost and hassle of the bad and ugly.

Most importantly, we want you to build system and mature a user base that you derive value and is sustainable. 


EPM Deployment Foundation

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Our Approach...
We can coach you to become an expert in planning and running a Microsoft Project Server (EPM) deployment.

You know your organization and culture better than any outside firm. You know you what you need, and you are the best candidate for being behind the wheel and driving a Project Server deployment from A to Z.

We want to guide you to have realistic expectations of this system and to set obtainable objectives.

We want to train you to have the necessary skills.

We want to equip you with the right tools to do the job.

We want to help you develop the right compliance and performance management system to ensure you meet your objectives.

We want to support you remotely during prototype, pilot, and your initial deployment phases.

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Microsoft Project Server Deployment Approach

But we insist that you have to do the work. The thinking, the evaluation, the configuration and the planning. Most importantly you will need to do the performance management and provide the continuing education.

If you can't plan and deploy Microsoft Project Server (EPM) pretty much on your own  you will not be able to manage it, get it to grow, and derive value from all the time and money invested.

Often these days many people who are thinking about deploying Microsoft Project Server ask us for a deployment plan even before we really understand their objectives and culture. Most of the time they have already picked up a couple of plans freely given out by the EPM community. Maybe even worse, they have sent out an RFP requesting a bunch of them.

We have learned to reply to this request by asking, "First show us your performance management and compliance plan. Your continuing education plan. Your strategy for making this system sustainable."

The reason? We are not going to pretend that being successful with Project Server is primarily about gathering requirements, installing and configuring the software, and training people.

It isn't the cart before the horse. You can't build an EPM system and think people will come.

It isn't just about the enterprise project management software. We would even suggest that if the software basically works the way it is promised to on the box, it merely plays a minor role in a successful enterprise project management (EPM) implementation.

Success with MS Project Server is more a function of how you are going to manage the performance of people using the system than it has anything to do with the software. No one can do that work for you, it is your responsibility.

There are no short cuts you can take to a successful EPM or MS Project Server deployment. You can't hire someone to do the thinking and the work for you. You can't get there in a day and if you want to do detailed resource management and capacity planning you are not likely to get it right in a year - if ever, unless you have really figured out how to manage reporting performance and how to sustain it over time. 

In fact, taking the approach of hiring a technical firm to come in and derive the requirements and then perform the configuration for you, will likely, lead you down the wrong road or maybe even to a dead end. It will more than likely delay your success. Get you to bite off more than you can chew. Tie you all up in knots. 

Our Custom Services...

Microsoft Office Project Professional and Standard training

Microsoft Office Project Server training

We provide several types of custom services and products to fit your deployment needs.

Microsoft Project Server training for all roles across the entire enterprise project management system Microsoft Project Server training (along with training on all roles and tools in the entire enterprise system including Microsoft Project, Project Web App (Access), Technical Administration, and Windows SharePoint Services). Onsite Project Server, MS Project and Project Web App (Access) workshops that can be customized and tailored to your configuration and culture.

Microsoft Project Server training, consulting, implementation, solutions, and products Web-based or online training available for all Microsoft Project Server and MS Project workshops

Microsoft Project Server training, consulting, implementation, solutions, and products MS Project Server installation and configuration services and training

Microsoft Project Server training, consulting, implementation, solutions, and products Microsoft Project Server deployment consulting and solutions

Microsoft Project Server training, consulting, implementation, solutions, and products Project Server configuration and business process audits

Project Server Compliance Reporting Tool (PCRT)

Monthly MS Project and Project Server ublic Workshops (Note: we do not cancel our workshops because of low enrollment!)

Process Bridge add-in to Microsoft Project that will cut the learning curve of your project managers by 75%

Remote and web-based support for all components of Microsoft Project Server Software or EPM

MS Project and Microsoft Project Server versions 2003, 2005, 2007 supported.

MS Project Server and Microsoft Office Project Training, Consulting, Products and Services

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