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Some bad and ugly things about Project Server 2003, 2007 or 2010 Microsoft Project Server (EPM)

2007 Project Server does not provide a way to audit compliance. Neither MS Project Server 2003, 2007  or 2010, provide a way to audit compliance on important user activities.

Project Server, or any project management software requires compliance.  Those who are assigned tasks must update task status consistently; be it daily, weekly of monthly.  If 100% of the resources have not reported time on a consistent, period basis then that respective project metrics are incomplete.  Incomplete status equals incomplete metrics.   

When you look at your portfolio, are you sure your data is complete?   If you are the CFO reviewing the corporate financial records, you are damn sure the data is complete.  Stated more simply, projects cost $$ and while we record those $$ completely in our financial systems, why not ask the same of project management tools (software).   

Project Server or any project management tool, is just that, a “tool”.  A hammer is a tool and any “monkey” can swing a hammer.  It takes practice and hard work to use the tool effectively and efficiently.   This is not clearly communicated by vendors offering to sell you software licenses.   

Monitor compliance to ensure consistent behavior and complete metrics.  Your project managers are the “gatekeepers” to project server.  As a former gatekeeper, I recommend you “speak softly, but carry a big stick."


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