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Some really good things about MS Project Server and 2007 Project Server

#4: PWA is a good way for the Project Server team to collaborate. PWA (Project Web Access) is software that is used with your browser or Internet Explorer. You just type in the Project Server URL (such as http://yourorganization/projectserver), agree to a license, download some controls and you are off and collaborating.

Tag: The PWA interface for MS Project Server 2003 is a little funky (okay, okay, it just doesn't make the grade), but overall it works and 2007 Project Server is much improved if you like the WSS look and feel. (We use a web-based financial system and the interface is outstanding so we think Microsoft could do a lot better. Should do a lot better.)

Let's say it is a different way, the idea of project teams and stakeholders being able to view project information and collaborate together using a web browser is a step in a very positive direction. It is the way most of us want to work together as teams.


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