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Some really good things about Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 and Project Microsoft Server 2007 is integration with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS)

#7: Microsoft Office Project Server integration with Windows SharePoint Services is a very good thing for collaboration. With the integration of these two products the possibilities for collaboration between project stakeholders is maximized.

Tag: This comment is about Office Project Server 2003. Project Server 2007 offers a more complete integration.

Project Server provides collaboration between project managers who own Microsoft Project plans and the project team, sponsors and other interested parties. Project managers can publish task assignments and team members can view those task assignments in their browser with Project Web Access (PWA). In the Tasks Page of PWA team members can update the status of their assignments, reject assignments, delegate assignments, insert new tasks, etc. Eventually updates from team members update the status of the Microsoft Project plans.

In addition, PWA allows users to view project and resources in the organization with the ability to drill in on the detail.

Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) provides a different type of collaboration for project teams. When a Microsoft Project plan is saved to Project Server a WSS project web site can be automatically created. Typically we use WSS web sites to manage lists. List of tasks, issues, risks, decision, agendas, objectives, and to do some basic document management.

Unlike PWA, WSS web sites (or project workspaces as they are called in PWA) are highly customizable. For example, the screen above is the default view for a project. The WSS site we customized for our workshop participants looks like the screen below.

Experience: One of our larger federal government customers has made custom "project workspaces" or WSS websites the central focus and process of their EPM deployment. Project initiation starts in these sites, all project status data eventually ends up here and executives refer to these sites as their primary source of information across project.


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