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Some really good things about Microsoft Project Server (for more good things, click on the selections above (Good #2 - Good #8) to review.

#1: Easy accessibility of projects across the enterprise. This seems to be undervalued by almost all of our customers. We don't know why but think this is pretty important stuff.

Being able to open a browser, go to the Project Center, sort and filter the projects by custom criteria, show dashboard like indicators and drill in on the detail is all significant project management capability.

Theoretically, these scenarios are very easy possibilities with this system:

Your sponsors or clients can open their browser (Internet Explorer), wherever they are in the world and view their projects and only their projects. Within reason, they can determine how they want to see those projects.

You could be in Denver, your project manager is on-site in Santa Rosa with your largest client and you could be on the phone reviewing the latest updates on their projects.

Instead of using cutesy PowerPoint decks on project status. Project reviews can be conducted with live data from any conference room in the building that has an internet connection.

A dashboard can be created showing project status across strategic objectives and placed in Outlook for each executive. The executive selects a folder in Outlooks and a dashboard view is displayed.

The CIO wants a list of all active projects at the last minute for a board meeting. During the meeting they log on, filter a relevant view, and begin to discuss the details of any project real-time.

Experience: We worked with an international shipping company for a couple of years and their goal was 100% time reporting across 500 IT people in 20 locations including project and non-project time. They got a new CIO one day and he told our primary contact that he wanted a list and status of all projects. Our contact said, "So, I went to my desk and printed it out and walked over to his desk and gave it to him. I know this doesn't sound like a bid deal, but before we implemented EPM that data would have taken us weeks to gather!"


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