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Note from participant in the public EPM Bootcamp

"Two special notes that you all should know and I told Tom about this... but it is worth repeating. First, what sold me on coming to your class as opposed to another is that I felt a genuine desire to help me find the right class on the part of your staff. Initially, I submitted a list of desires that I had been having trouble with and asked if your classes covered them and how you compared to a Microsoft course. Ray and Tomís answers were the most straight forward, no sales pitch, bottom line answer I received from all my requests. Most responses were about what the other guys could sell our company next, could they come do a private class, etc. They were not as interested in making sure I was getting the training I needed.

A second aspect to this is Tracy and her warm welcome friendly helpful attitude toward customers, at least me anyway. She went out of her way before and certainly after I signed up for the class in trying to answer EVERY question I had about travel and things to do etc. etc. etc. And prompt too, other places did not get back to me until a week after I had signed up with PSSI if even then. Give Tracy a pat on the back and a sincere thank you from me.

I also believe your commitment to not cancel a class is great. I tried to go to two schools before I knew about yours and they were cancelled before the scheduled date came or could not promise the class would be held. I really wanted this type of training 3-6 months ago... I should have searched the internet harder and not leaned so much toward thinking I should attend a Microsoft course. Oh well... lesson learned."


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